At no cost, LMG Finance works as a dedicated extension to a dealerships own staff, we provide all of the benefits of a in-house business office and so much more! Our Dealership Partners receive continuous support and complete peace of mind that that their F&I program is being handled by the most respected profesionals in the industry.

We pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled results, results that yield more financed approvals for more sales, more profit, heightened customer satisfaction, less work for dealers and considerable savings.


Approval Process
  • We're more than a dealer approved F&I outsource company

    With LMG Finance you have a true partner dedicated to your long-term success. Your increased profits are sustainable because we are committed to building strong relationships with you, your customers and your lenders.

  • Increased loan approvals due to our lender leverage

    Our network of lenders allows you to offer your powersport customers the most competitive financing packages to suit their budgets. By partnering with LMG Finance, the doors will open up to millions of dollars in loan volume to help with the toughest loan approvals.

  • Credit protection and extended warranties

    Earn more profit! By partnering with LMG Finance your customers can choose to take advantage of credit protection and extended warranties for their powersport investments. In turn, you earn more profit.

  • True Peace of mind for dealerships

    With LMG working as an extension to your own staff you're never left without! Your team of dedicated F&I professionals are reliably available for you and your customers 6 days, 65+ hours a week, no vacations or sick time, for absolutely no missed opportunities!

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Providing you with the Tools you Need to Succeed

The LMG Finance Team

Your Complete Package

When partnered, dealerships acquire our entire proven team of professionals to their immediate benefit. We're well established and recognized by successful dealerships, prominent lenders, product providers and manufacturers as the most respected F&I outsource solution available in Canada. With well over 100 years of combined experience, Dealers gain our Business Office, the Administration Department that accelerates funding, the Dealer Relations Department that works closely with you and your staff to ensure that you're taking full advantage of all we have to offer, plus Marketing, Compliance and IT!

The Dealer Resource Centre

The Dealer Resource Centre (DRC)

Exclusive access to our online web portal that provides our Dealership Partners with greater control of their deals and more! From any web browser, access current and past deal information at any time and in real-time! The DRC also provides the ability to calculate payments, securely submit credit applications, generate compliant printable payment tags, order free marketing materials, access training resources, stay up to date on the latest news, promotions and more!

Free Impactful Market Materials with LMG Finance

Free Marketing Materials

We're devoted to assisting our Dealership Partners in as many ways as we possibly can. Providing a variety of effective marketing materials is one such way. From payment tags to tent cards, business cards and decals, all are entirely free and simple to order online via the Dealer Resource Centre (DRC) web portal. These are provenly linked to increased sales by drawing positive attention to the availability of competitive financing and other appealing benefits for customers to take advantage of.

e-contracts with LMG Finance


Compliant loan packages are electronically available within minutes of their closing via the DRC. Securely download and upload sale summaries and contracts with ease and complete peace of mind. As a technologically advanced company, we’re able to be present when we’re not. This is important, yet never at the compromise of security. The security of our Dealer Partners’ and their customers’ private information is of the utmost importance to us.

The LMG Finance Mobile App


To bolster the convenience of the Dealer Resource Centre, the LMG Finance Mobile App is available on iPhone and Android devices. With our mobile app, dealers are able to view deal information in real-time, submit credit applications and calculate payments all from the palm of their hand, from anywhere!

Getting started is as easy as...

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Call 1-877-806-6247 or email today to connect with a Dealer Relations representative.

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We will get your dealership approved and aligned with the most competitive lenders.


You make the sale and we'll take it from there to seal the deal. We do all the work, you get paid!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is LMG Finance a bank?

    LMG Finance is not a financial institution (bank/lender), nor do we work for the bank. We work for you!

  • How long will it take to get a customers application approved?

    Turnaround time varies, depending on a customers credit profile.

  • What products can you help facilitate financing for?

    Leisure and recreational products, including: boats, ATV's, snowmobiles, motorcycles, RV's, personal watercraft as well as travel trailers, horse and cargo trailers.

  • What are your operating hours?

    LMG Finance is open 65+ hours, 6 days a week, to better serve you.
    Monday - Saturday: 7:00am - 5:30pm PST

  • How do I apply to become a partner?

    Call 1-877-806-6247 or send a email to connect with a Dealer Relations representative.

  • Will I be able to track my deals in real-time?

    Yes, as a LMG Finance affiliated dealer you will gain access to our Dealer Resource Centre that allows you to do so. You will also be able to track your deals in real-time using the LMG Finance Mobile App.

  • Will my salespeople be able to track their performance?

    Yes, through our Dealer Resource Centre, as well as with the LMG Finance mobile app.

  • Will my customers have access to the latest finance promotions and credit and service protection?

    Absolutely. With our extensive network of leading lenders and aftermarket product providers, we're able to facilitate the most competitive financing packages available, customized to suit their particular needs and budgets.

  • Will LMG Finance help me promote competitive financing?

    Our Dealership Partners receive high quality marketing materials to best promote the availability of competitive financing. The materials can be ordered at any time using the Dealer Resource Centre, or by contacting their Dealer Relations Manager via e-mail or a phone call.